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Georgetown Cupcake

September 2, 2010


Georgetown Cupcake was created by 2 sisters who love cupcakes in DC. I’ve never been there personally, but I’ve heard great things about it from my family friends in Maryland who have tried their offerings. One of these days, I will visit my friends and tell them to take me there for a taste! I […]

Big Bang Photo-Op BSX

June 20, 2010


I just wanted to repost some pictures I found on ibigbang fan site of Big Bang. Dae Han Min Guk. Aja, Aja, Hwaiting! Big Bang in Devil’s Red to support in 2010 Fifa World Cup.

My One Hundredth Post

April 28, 2010


So it has come to my attention that I have reached my first 100th post. Wow! How time flew by!! Well, it’s probably a good idea to assess myself at this point – specially in terms of continuing this blog. Granted, I can honestly say that I have lagged a bit with irregular posts – […]

Manic Monday #2

February 8, 2010


Darn it! Why oh why must I feel blah on the first day of a new week? The answer is “I don’t know”. It’s not like I had a bad weekend to contribute to this weird feeling. Saturday was spent at home just lounging around with my dad, then in the afternoon I went grocery […]

Tattoos: fake or real?

February 2, 2010


For such a long time now, I’ve been meaning to get a tattoo. What’s stopping me, you ask? Well for one I’m scared of how painful it would be and for another I can’t quite exactly decide on a design I want to permanently be imprinted in a part of my body. And where would […]

Nokia or Samsung?

January 21, 2010


Well until recently, I’ve only used Nokia products. But since switching to another mobile provider, I have been using Samsung – I don’t mind it, but I still prefer the operating system of Nokia since I’ve used only Nokia for about 15 years now. I hope to one day soon find a Nokia product that […]


January 11, 2010


Okay, so I’m having a very manic Monday – yes manic. Why? Because I woke up to feeling feverish (what again?), yes really again. I think I should have stayed home last Thursday instead of going to work to put a cap on this fever. Anyway, I thought that I was fine because by Friday, […]