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Is your sainthood growing or rotting?

July 27, 2010


In today’s first reading, God warns us that pride rots our relationship with him. Even if we go to church, even if we pray, even if we think we’re spiritually okay, if we serve any master other than God or if we refuse to listen to our Savior on any matter, our spiritual pride and […]

Used by God

June 21, 2010


There are many reasons why God shouldn’t have called you. But don’t worry. You’re in good company. Moses stuttered. David’s armor didn’t fit. John Mark was rejected by Paul. Timothy had ulcers. Hosea’s wife was a prostitute. Amos’ only training was in the school of fig-tree pruning. Jacob was a liar. David had an affair. […]

Bigger Than All Our Questions

June 20, 2010


As I write this praise report, I can say boldly that God is bigger than all our questions. There is always an end intended by God for every question we may have (James 5:11). I realize as a Christian I have had the tendency, as we all sometimes have to think we don’t deserve certain […]

Today’s Quote

May 3, 2010


“Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!” — Anne Frank

The Altar of Prayer

April 28, 2010


The Altar of Prayer Author: Ms. Sam Bilbo The altar of prayer is a powerful place, It’s full of love, faith and bountiful grace. When you need to be where troubles are set free. That’s where He gives you the knowledge to see. As I watch our people come to this altar and pray, They […]

God Has Brought Me Out For A Reason

April 23, 2010


God has brought me out for a reason. I survived because he has a plan for me. All my bad relationships, all the suicidal thoughts, the bad credit, the repossessions, the death of my loved ones, the back stabbing from my friends, the negative thoughts, or the lack of support. I made it because I […]

Dare to Trust God

April 21, 2010


Dare To Trust God Author: Steve Popoola Once in a while, I have walked into my Branch Manager’s office when the pressure of work has reduced, and had a discussion usually based on issues bordering on scripture and Christian living. A couple of days ago, our discussion bordered on financial management and how to avoid […]