What’s up, yo?

Posted on September 4, 2011


Well, it’s been forever and a day again since my last blog. Trust me when I say that I’ve just been too lazy to blog, again though I will try to remedy that by at least blogging once a week. So what’s been happening in my life since May? Let me do a wee-recap of my life since then.

Well,  Singles Encounter Weekend, is what dominated most of that month. Preparing, then just resting after.

Life in the Spirit Seminar, shepherding and just trying to be a good witness – not only for my lambs, but also for my Ministry. A mini-vacay in Detroit, met up with Aris and just really got to know him better.

LSS weekend happened, followed by visit from Newark singles.

Singles Inter-district Conference in Newark, followed by a few days of vacay again and just chillin’ with the singles from different districts. Ate at Jollibee, Max’s Chicken, Bon Chon, Sushi Palace to name a few.

What’s to come in my life? Not sure yet, but I am trying to be a better Christian.