My Thoughts = Secret Garden (2010)

Posted on February 1, 2011


Secret Garden

Stellar talent on all fronts came together to make this fantasy with flair. Top stars Hyun Bin (Friend, Our Legend, My Lovely Sam Soon) and Ha Ji Won (Damo) unite for a rare foray into romantic-comedy territory. The writer-director duo of Lovers in Paris and City Hall brings a funny, appealing story of two people who switch bodies… and then fall in love. Yoon Sang Hyun (Take Care of the Young Lady, Queen of Housewives) adds his magnetic presence to a modern-day tale of love and magic. This highly-rated and unusual drama follows a neurotic businessman and a passionate stunt woman who come to possess each other’s hearts and bodies…literally!

Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) is the arrogant, eccentric heir to a large company. Poised to inherit a large department store, he constantly rejects the girls his matchmaking mother sends his way. When he meets Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), a beautiful, driven stunt woman, she changes his life, as he becomes fascinated by her strength and vulnerability. Ra Im wants nothing to do with this seeming oddball, drawn more to his pop-star cousin Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun), whose music she admires. Ra Im and Joo Won are thrown together when, due to a magical accident, they end up switching bodies. Now, they’ll have to live each other’s lives, coming to know each other (and themselves) in the process better than they would have thought possible…

Secret Garden has not only garnered avid fandom because of its leads and story, it also boasts sold out OST albums and even concert. The following are my fav:

Baek Ji YoungThat Woman
Hyun Bin  – That Man
Kim Bum SooAppear
Yoon Sang HyunSecret Garden

My thoughts: First of all to be frank, I was shipping this drama long before it began shooting because of Hyun Bin alone. I liked Ha Ji Won in Damo, but she wasn’t in my Top 10 female favourites when I began watching K-drama. HOWEVER, as this drama moved along, I can attest to her being really talented as an actress. I wish I had paid more attention to her in the beginning of my obsession, BUT there’s time now to rectify that. Secret Garden definitely had love in all its forms, shapes and sizes. It had OTP charisma oozing and was contagious to its other actors. Sure it was crazy at times, but it was a very enjoyable to watch. Like many who watched this drama, I too firmly believe that without its main leads playing Joo Won and Ra Im – it wouldn’t have been as effective. True actors they say is only noticed by their characters ones the director says “cue” and boy did Binnie and Ji Won deliver.

At this point, I will need to revisit my Top 10 lists and update them – but for now, this drama will be remembered for years to come, by me of course!